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CityLinC connects children and youth to loving families, families to secure futures, individuals to caring community, and community to personal faith. Our name stands for "City Living in Christ."


70 Calhoun St.

Battle Creek, MI 49017

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Red Wagon: A Community Partnership

Working Together to Deliver on the Five Promises

Our Share Commitment to Children and Their Future Success

Red Wagon is a community partnership of individuals and organizations who agree that every child deserves what we call "The Five Promises":


  1. Caring adults

  2. Safe places

  3. A healthy start

  4. A good education

  5. Opportunities to help others

Working together, our community organizations and neighborhoods are meeting the needs of our children. Red Wagon is also a symbol of our common commitment that our children obtain resources necessary for safe, healthy, successful growth and development. Red Wagon brings joy to children and focus to the adults of our community. 

Look for the Red Wagon at many community events throughout the year. You can invite the Red Wagon to your neighborhood events. The Red Wagon will help you survey your neighborhood to find out the real needs of the children there, and will connect you to community organizations that can help you meet those real needs.

You can use the Red Wagon to collect supplies in your community or you may deliver supplies to needy kids and their families.

The Red Wagon belongs to you, the community, and is a strong symbol of community partnership. So, wherever Red Wagon shows up, ALL of us will be helping each other meet the real needs of our children! To learn more about Red Wagon, please call (269) 969-9181.

How to Get Involved
Any business, organization, church, service club or resident of Calhoun County, Michigan, can participate
in the Red Wagon Community Partnership. No matter what your background, you can always find a place for your talents and experience. It’s all about helping our local children succeed, both in school and in life.


Here are some specific ways you can get involved:

  • Join with others who are making sure that every child has caring adults, safe places, a healthy start, a good education, and opportunities to help others.

  • Become a member of the Red Wagon Community Partnership.

  • Invite the Red Wagon to your community events. 

  • Accompany the Red Wagon to children’s activities around the community.

  • Help organize upcoming events and activities in your local area.

  • Contribute supplies – Help us fill up the Large Red Wagon with supplies for children ages 0-12.


Send your much-needed, tax-deductible support to:

Red Wagon Partnership
70 Calhoun Street
Battle Creek, MI 49017

Learn More

To learn more about us, please explore this website or call our office at (269) 969-9181. Or join the conversation online on our CityLinC Facebook page.  To ask a question or send us an e-mail message, please click here now. We also invite you to volunteer your time or make a tax-deductible contribution to support our continuing mission to the community. And don't forget to visit our online photo gallery.

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